There is no civilization without worthy music.

The folk music and dance of the Iberian world today is a living continuation of that great civilisation that was the Baroque order. The musical forms, instruments and costumes of this musical tradition took their present shape during that era. Here we would like to note some Spanish examples, but later we will include beautiful examples from Iberian America, Portugal, the Philippines and Italy. Any global popular musical revival must base itself upon this living culture.

The fandango is one of the oldest musical forms in Spain, going back to the Middle Ages. There are many kinds. Here are the Fandangos Verdiales from the Kingdom of Granada which have their origin perhaps in the Classical era.

Sevillanas are an Andalusian develpment of the fifteenth century Castillian Seguidillas.

From Castilla, another kind of Fandango.

Rondeña from Castilla, featuring lutes.

Fandangos from La Mancha.

Spanish Universities usually have several Tunas, directly inspired by the Baroque.

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